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Hi my loves! My name is Meghan. Spray Every Body was born out of my passion for spray tanning, but more importantly to help people realize EVERY BODY can get a fabulous spray tan.

I always felt a bit uncomfortable showing my body to a spray tan artist. In a world where we go on social media and see the same type of person, photoshopped and with no flaws, of course most people would feel nervous at the thought of being vulnerable with their body in front of someone they don't know. I woke up one morning and decided this needs to change. I flew to LA and trained with celebrity spray tan artist Isabel Alysa, learning how to give my clients the best glow. I am excited to empower my clients to feel their absolute best and feel accepted for exactly who they are.

When you book a spray tan with Spray Every Body you will feel comfortable, have fun, and leave with more confidence than ever before. I believe EVERY body is beautiful and deserves to glow. I cannot wait to spray you! Xo

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