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1. Help! I am scared a spray tan will make me look orange. Will I look orange?

Absolutely not. We use the exact same solution that celebrity spray tan artists use and have invested in a high-quality solution that will never look orange.
Our solution is paraben-free with plant-based ingredients and is vegan/cruelty-free. We also set your tan with a luxurious setting powder that is talc-free and vegan friendly.


2. How do I make sure my skin is ready for a spray tan?

Please visit our Pre and Post care page for detailed instructions on how to ensure your skin is ready.


3. When should I book my tan for a special event?

2-3 days before the event is key. This also allows time for your tan to set properly. You will have a perfect glow by your special event!


4. Do you do group packages or parties?

Absolutely! We are happy to spray tan as many people as you wish. Weddings, bachelorette parties, nights out - anything you dream we can do. We offer group discounts for large groups as well.


5. What should I wear to my spray tan appointment?

Please visit our Pre and Post care page for detailed instructions on how to ensure your skin is ready. Dark, loose, large-fitting clothing is best.


6. I feel nervous stripping down for a spray tan, what can I wear to feel more comfortable during my appointment?

Our goal is to make you feel 100% comfortable during your appointment. We have disposable underwear for your comfort if needed. If you prefer wearing a bra, or underwear - that is completely fine. Your comfort is most important!

7. How long will my tan last?

Your tan will last for about 7 days. This depends on your pre and post-care.

8. How does my mobile appointment work and how long is it? 

The average spray tan appointment is anywhere between 15-30 minutes with time for set up. I will come to the location of your choosing and set up wherever you feel comfortable. I provide everything you need for your spray tan so you don't have to worry about anything! The most important thing for my clients is to follow pre and post-care.


9. My skin is dehydrated, sunburnt, and/or peeling - can I get a spray tan?

Absolutely not! Please let me know before your appointment if this is happening, as the results will be extremely blotchy.


10. Will pools/jacuzzis/saunas remove my tan?

Yes, they will lighten your tan due to the chemicals present. Choose an OIL-FREE, water-resistant sunscreen to help combat this.


11. I'm pregnant - can I get a tan?

DHA is FDA approved and only penetrates the outermost layer of the skin. There is no evidence that DHA is harmful. However, we recommend that you consult with your physician first.


12. How do I book a spray tan with you? That's easy - click the button below!

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